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I have a size 36 waist at 158 lbs. Would that go down automatically if I get to around 148-150, or do I have to do other things aside from just lose weight?
I bought a digital scale that measures weight, body fat percentages, and body water percentages. Once again I'm 5'9, 29 years old, male. As of today it listed my stats as: Weight: 158.4 lbs Body Fat %: 19.7% Body Water: 55.6% I think I might have lost some weight over the past month or two since I've been watching my calories for the first time in my life, but, I am not sure I was 170 to start with. That was just an estimate. At 158.4 lbs, my face is...
I would like to buy some wine/burgundy colored blazers and suits and pants etc, for cheap. When I search on eBAY this does not seem to be a very popular color among brands I've heard of from reading this site. I'd probably have to buy some used since my budget is limited, but it doesn't seem I'm gonna find them on eBAY. Are there any brands that make some good wine/burgundy colored blazer and suits and good sites to find them on for cheap? I know Isaia make them...
I would vote yes to first purple pants pic, but no to his scarf. Why is he wearing a woman's scarf? I would vote no to the purple pants in the second pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by pendragon I believe that the way to spot a counterfeit is by the correctly spelled tag. Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Not sure what this is in regard to. ? It was a joke in reference to the original post of this thread. The joke being that counterfeiters would spell the words on the labels correctly, whereas the legitimately manufactured shirts do not.
What is a seersucker jacket? I've seen that term around but I have no idea what it means. I also don't understand, what's the difference between a blazer and a sports coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) why not just try it and post up some pics in WAYWRN and see what kind of feedback you get? (Hint, don't announce in the pic post that you are wearing an orphaned suit jacket). Well the problem is I'm already quite peeved at myself for wasting $50, and hence I don't wanna waste any more money on top of that by ignorantly buying other things that also can't be used.
Are there any other rules I need to know of when something is a business jacket meant for business purposes only? Are pinstripes the only thing to watch out for in regards to that?
I guess my new rule of thumb is that pinstripes are evil.
How far does that rule extend? Is it okay to wear windowpaned jackets with plain pants? Herringboned jackets with plain pants? Checkered jackets with plain pants?
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