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I have a lot of references. Ask for more pics or references. email me at for fastest results. Shipped from 95120. US Shipping: $8 Int'l Shipping: PM for quote Supreme x The North Face Expedition sz, Large condition 9.5/10 - could pass as DS. Cloest Queen. No use for this in N. Cal price: 475 obo I/C: Supreme Leopard Lined Coach sz. Medium (fits like a medium/large) condition: 9/10 price: 275 Supreme Japanese Earthquake Relief sz. Large DSWOT-...
lol haha maybe donate your clothes goodwill?
Quote: Originally Posted by EddieAnthony Just got my first pair of RRLs the other day. So far, I'm loving them. Went TTS in their slim fit. anymore info on these? Wash? ware2kop? they are the only pair of washed denim ive ever considered purchasing in 5 years
thanks a lot for the help guys you made me flinch if anyones got additional fit pics, or has posted before in WAYWT lemme know and ill run a search. Thx
bump Slide- how is that obenauf'd nubuck aging? Any thoughts on the shoes? I think i might pull the trigger i just need someone to make me flinch
By dressing up i mean in the streetwear sense: fitted denim + shirt + jacket? Never in a suit I guess my only fear is that the alden is too dressy and the RW is too casual/workboot. Where's the median?
hey whats up guys, ive been researching boots for a while and have it narrowed down to two competitors. If any of you guys have handled either shoe, I would definitely appreciate your input. Im looking for a boot that can be either dressed up or down: alden for orvis: or Realistically, im leaning towards the aldens as i think they might suit my style a little more but the lack of info on them is a little off-putting to me. At the same time, i appreciate the...
so wait, nordstrom rack has 1000 mile boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Really though, I've never warmed up completely to the low Achilles. I just find them harder to wear than any of the other models. They have a tendency to look like a blob on the feet. i feel you on this. I wear a sz. 45 and no matter what the configuration, i cant get my ffeet to look like anything other than 2 bowling pins they work with shorts however
you can successfully login and start a thread but the answer to this question is beyond you?
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