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My SO insists on picking me up every night I work, instead of letting me make the 15-minute walk, "because it's cold!" She also does a much better job on my eyebrows than I ever could. Does a convincing job of making it look like I have two normal ones, instead of a large venomous caterpillar intent on eating my face. AND, she perfected making absolutely perfect challah, which is a tricky mofo to bake. It's gorgeously delicious. Then she bakes loaves for me to take...
Bite the bullet and take it to any alterations place. They'll stitch the strap in place at more-or-less the tightest position, but more importantly they can also stitch in little folds on each side to make the body of the vest itself more fitting. Trust me, it's worth it. Far too annoying to keep having to adjust the damn thing, and nobody wants a tail coming out of their back.
A class on something that fascinates me has effectively sterilized every topic we've discussed, perverting all of it into academic white bread. I now have a research paper assignment in which I have to argue my position on something, but the only position I hold is that I'm painfully disappointed. Considering this class cost me $4k, I have the urge to nail a piece of roadkill to my prof's office door.
It's a terrific picture, I'm rather surprised you can't find a poster someplace. Let me know if you do!
Quote: Originally Posted by why Goddamn virgins shouldn't give advice. Bwahahahahaha! YES!! Forget its practical applications, this thread has now taken on pure entertainment value.
I want to hazard a guess: There is a direct correlation between how frequently the OP checks this thread and the likelihood that he'll pull the trigger. OP: Stop reading this thread. I mean it. Log off your computer, man up, and just do it. If your father never had we'd be heckling someone else, and you've got his DNA so it HAS to be possible. If you fail, you fail. You'll get better with experience. Just make sure you don't become part of girl-chat lore as a...
Quote: Originally Posted by hws You must to invite other girl also for make at least ménage à trois, or cinq! You are my favorite person on this forum. Please, never go away.
Thanks rnoldh, I appreciate that. I'm actually in St. Louis, MO, though you have some of the country's most absurdly-talented collegiate musicians in your state. You wouldn't happen to be anywhere the University of North Texas, would you? Because their jazz program is nothing short of astonishing. Thanks anyway, Piobaire, but I'm a 40L. I am, however, going thrifting this weekend, so I'll keep an eye out! I'm pretty much settled on attire at this point: wool...
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Let's compare points of view. From your point of view - you've just found out that she's a pretty girl, and you'd like to get to know her better because she's a pretty girl. That makes her special in your eyes. From her point of view - she has known she's a pretty girl for a long time, and every guy who sees her on the street, on the bus, on Facebook, in a bar would like to get to know her better because she's...
Quote: Originally Posted by tricota When you say my university, do you mean where you attend or where you teach...? Where I attend. It's a "thank you" for the donors who have supported the arts department during our recent expansions and projects, and a few of us undergraduate musicians were recruited for the occasion. Piobaire, I realize that you and I may be different sizes -- is your kilt a one-size-fits-all kind of garment?
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