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I've been too afraid to consider that I may have spent years studying something I have no passion for. Total apathy towards the field, 25+ hr a week job and the aforementioned trepidation to make a big change resulted in a really shitty (sub-3.0) GPA. That, and the fact that I have no real research experience (not necessary at all in this field, but would have helped) and no employment in the field beyond superficial summer internships, made me a long-shot for grad...
What did you do after the diploma was in your hand? Just curious to see what everyone has to say... My graduate school plans aren't panning out, and the depression is sinking in deep.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Can't believe there's still royalty. I say kill and eat the men, sell their organs on the black market and make the women pay back generations of rape and neglect with a little rough trade. Then sell their organs and water the earth with their blood. The royalty being posted here have no actual power, they are just celebrities who are gossiped about by that nations' citizens. Like the Osmonds, or the...
You have nothing to do with the success/failure of your favorite sports team. So get excited, but don't hit the wife or the dog. It's all geographical. You should be a fan of your local teams if you have no strong allegiances. Allegiances may be inherited from fathers, but must decrease in fervor 50% for each generation removed from the actual geographical location. In the event of no inherited or local teams, I'm sorry, but you have no team. And no, if you are not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman New Miserable Experience -- the Gin Blossoms. Musically, I am so lame, but it was the soundtrack to a defining summer. "Hey Jealousy" always makes my pulse speed up a hair, and I can smell, hear, and feel a time past. "Tell me do you think it'd be allright if I could just crash here tonight as you can see I'm in no shape for driving and anyway I've got not place to go." "You can trust me not to think and not to sleep...
If you dont know anything about web design, go ahead and use something like Wordpress
jack in the box. apparently they dont have any in NC east of charlotte
so are these just two unaffiliated, speculative nuts with no education or career in the matters they are discussing? and one is wearing a suit?
a (mexican) family member of mine was kidnapped about 6 months ago...northeastern mexico
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