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so you're saying that a communist party administrator was exhibiting selfish, anti-common-good behavior? and that a chinese man was a bad driver? lies
nofx is god awful, 90s pseudo punk in drop d with that nasally Los Angeles valley-boy accent so indicative of the many terrible bands they epitomize
How many times can "the construction on these reach a level we've never seen before"
as the french would say: it blew chunks. are people incapable of making good films anymore? i just realized i havent seen a movie i thoroughly enjoyed without some fatal flaw that was made in the last decade
what about the one that goes "coo-ooo, ooo ooo....OOO ooo-ooo, ooo-OOO OOO-ooo; ooo-OOO OOO-ooo" and im not kidding
link please?
why white people do shit like this is beyond me
what, its eye-talian!
link to interview in entirety, anyone?
this has seinfeld episode written all over it
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