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Penguin Bakersfield shorts are a must... And some kind of chino shorts. Does anyone else think that shorts should be discussed more here?
Quote: Originally Posted by soldjaboi who is your idol? You can't possibly idolize Dipset. I mean....really?? dipset??? I can name a hundred better hip hop acts off the top of my head, mostly because almost any hip hop act is better than dipset. They aren't even the best at what they do, clique oriented coke rap. Wu does it better.
Yup, Blue in Green SoHo is THE denim store in NYC. If you go in there and have any idea what you want (or no clue at all), they will be able to get exactly what you are looking for. Buying from there will get you a high quality jean, most likely a Japanese jean that is raw. I'd definitely read up to see if raw is what you are looking for, because if not it will severely limit your selection at the places you are being told to go. If you dont like anything at Blue in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ry'on Has anybody ever got any of the apc boots or mocassins? www.hyrcollective.com if i remember, the price is fairly outrageous and you'd be better off going with a brand that specializes in shoes
Well NS is *slim* if you size down appropriately... ..maybe by slim he means not skin tight. Either way, knowing what his options to try on in person are would be the best
Quote: Originally Posted by lorcar I do not want bootcut, nor slim. Just low waist and straight leg. Which brand/model would you recommend? Where do you live? It may be easier for you to get reccomendations if you can be told where to go. You will almost certainly be advised to get Raw Denim from people here, and if you don't live near certain major cities, it's slim pickings. But that's what the internet is for. Obviously though, it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus What did I miss??? can we repost the original post!!! http://www.vimby.com/video/fashion/us/all/detail/5681 Honestly I think the steam mold to fix crumpled hats is interesting, if only because I seriously had a home-made contraption like that when I was a kid. Not sure if many people here have baseball hats, but I mean cmon...go Cubs
fire kindling?
OP.. ..I used to do something similar with my hats when I played baseball in school. I will promptly file a lawsuit with New Era
I recently purchased a W+H utility flanel shirt tagged medium, love the color / quality, but when I put it on it feels like I could flex and rip it. Does W+H stuff have a tendency to run *very* slim? Or is it true to size? Is it possible that I somehow bought a "slim fit" medium? Are these tagged differently than "M"? I've never owned a W+H product before this, so I'm not sure if it's just an issue with this item or with the brand as a whole.
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