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There is going to be stretch for a few days or more, not just the first hours. Also for me at least, the most stretching was done in a day
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus This is not necessary---> This is---> QFT. It's a high school prom, not a Goldman Sachs interview. You seem to be deeply worried, concerned, and obsessed about the minute details of this occasion, when your main concerns should be spiking the punch bowl and getting laid. In the most gentleman-like manner, of course.
I know I don't have many posts and literally no repute, but am I the only one that finds the skinny skinny cuts on the jeans and shirts (such as on drizz above me) to be unflatterning on a stocky guy?
if u think its bad now, wait till u decide u want a leather jacket
Nice pocket lining. I'm gonna do something similar as a precautionary job, plus its cheap and easy and looks sweet
ooh post pics please
Are there any cheaper alternatives to CP? Clean, unbranded leather chuck taylor-ish for $100 or less?
I'm looking to buy the two-tone Vans x Marc Jacobs slip-ons in a size 11 or 11.5... in any color: Red, Green, or Blue
Hey everyone, I couldn't find a thread on this exclusively I come from a childhood of little means, and now that I make money, I am beginning to try and buy nice clothes that are not just stylish but DURABLE and timeless. There's nothing like not having the ability to get something new to make you appreciate the life of the things you do have. I'd say the first real item I got was this belt in brown / black: Coach belt that has lasted 3 years and just gets...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Don't know why. They don't wear them as part of their uniform. I know it's not exactly the same but can you see the resemblance? I hated mine when I was a kid because the cheap thing broke...
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