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I just want so say that renteria played very well. I have really respected his play over the last 15 years; he is one of the good ones. First ballot hof in my eyes.
To do this by the book is not that easy. Especially if the structure is old....in laymen's terms it will take a lot of $$$ to be up to code. To do this on a scale such that entire warehouse = only your loft is 100% guaranteed to make no financial sense.
for being fairweather? hell yes
such hipster garbage
It is like driving a glorified Volkswagen. But it looks great
I have no pictures of it on this computer, but dad and I restored his father's 1958 Porsche 356 It is nearly identical to this:
I grew up in a Mexican household where the traditions of Catholicism were very important. But I distinctly remember, even as a small child, never truly believing that God exists. I say that flatly. Definitely do not mean to imply that I am a proud agnostic. I'm generally pro-religion, even, as I feel it often gives many people some sort of moral compass who otherwise would have had none. Anyways, who here believes in God?
this thread is begging for DT satire
This forum is the right mix of narcissistic 20-something know-it-alls and narcissistic middle-aged know-it-alls.
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