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Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Maybe I need to get better headphones. I find the album wholly unremarkable. No, you are just living in the apocalypse of overproduced hip hop Quote: Originally Posted by APK Pitchfork gave it a perfect rating. I'm not sold on that yet, but I agree that this is probably Kanye's most sonically ambitious album to date. I need to give the whole thing a few more spins, but I get the vibe...
Overwhelming lack of self esteem (0)
This reminds me of a 'banger about 15 years ago who lived near me; he had the brilliant idea to douse his hands in acid to burn off his fingerprints. He died of gangrene
it's not
The show has always had horrible writing, monologues and side characters. It basically lasted 4 seasons because the premise was so entertaining (protagonist serial killer). Now it is so heavily focused on ham-fisted drama that we all suffer
I just want so say that renteria played very well. I have really respected his play over the last 15 years; he is one of the good ones. First ballot hof in my eyes.
To do this by the book is not that easy. Especially if the structure is laymen's terms it will take a lot of $$$ to be up to code. To do this on a scale such that entire warehouse = only your loft is 100% guaranteed to make no financial sense.
for being fairweather? hell yes
such hipster garbage
It is like driving a glorified Volkswagen. But it looks great
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