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this is a must have
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo ...I think Deb's going to finger Lumen...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Sorry about that, dude. @Trini: Yeah, I expected more from him. At least he provided some comic relief. Seriously, I have no idea why but I would crack up whenever Quinn and him would argue. A part of me hopes Lumen makes it through the finale. I'll admit I wasn't too crazy about her in the beginning but in the last 2, maybe 3 episodes; she's grown on me. Julia stiles is a-ok
the photoshop contrast is strong, but good job nonetheless
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas ^^^ sure, but quite possibly the best, most versatile voice in all of popular music. FWIW, I wonder how it would turn out if Patton sang some classical. Schubert, or Gershwin. With a little training...who knows? has done italian opera
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Maybe I need to get better headphones. I find the album wholly unremarkable. No, you are just living in the apocalypse of overproduced hip hop Quote: Originally Posted by APK Pitchfork gave it a perfect rating. I'm not sold on that yet, but I agree that this is probably Kanye's most sonically ambitious album to date. I need to give the whole thing a few more spins, but I get the vibe...
Overwhelming lack of self esteem (0)
This reminds me of a 'banger about 15 years ago who lived near me; he had the brilliant idea to douse his hands in acid to burn off his fingerprints. He died of gangrene
it's not
The show has always had horrible writing, monologues and side characters. It basically lasted 4 seasons because the premise was so entertaining (protagonist serial killer). Now it is so heavily focused on ham-fisted drama that we all suffer
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