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I've been living alone for years. It is deeply ingrained in my behavior to just leave things lying around. I'm not a hoarder and don't leave food around and attract pests or anything, I just leave things in a horrible mess. Inanimate objects all over the floor to the point that I am hopping over boxes, suitcases, shoes, etc. to get from room to room. I usually do nothing until I expect company and perform a massive cleanup that can take up to an hour. The irony is that...
tell him you know the infield fly rule
this has been out on youtube for a while. if you don't think this is "funny" then you weren't meant for Louis CKs comedy...he is at the top of his game in this special. Sorry, you didnt get it
1. Confront the ex-boyfriend in the apartment 2. He will go after you with an axe 3. Mysterious figure shoots boyfriend through the window 4. Boyfriend becomes a vegetable 5. ....? 6. Profit
this is a must have
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo ...I think Deb's going to finger Lumen...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Sorry about that, dude. @Trini: Yeah, I expected more from him. At least he provided some comic relief. Seriously, I have no idea why but I would crack up whenever Quinn and him would argue. A part of me hopes Lumen makes it through the finale. I'll admit I wasn't too crazy about her in the beginning but in the last 2, maybe 3 episodes; she's grown on me. Julia stiles is a-ok
the photoshop contrast is strong, but good job nonetheless
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas ^^^ sure, but quite possibly the best, most versatile voice in all of popular music. FWIW, I wonder how it would turn out if Patton sang some classical. Schubert, or Gershwin. With a little training...who knows? has done italian opera
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