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There's nothing quite like* an architect on architecture. *as pompous as P.S. My grandfather worked with FLW and by all accounts Frank was an unbelievable horse's ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by eml4sker 1. The kid isn't that smart. His explanations go no deeper than the Wikipedia articles on the subjects he's talking about. College-level astronomy 101 classes are considerably more advanced. Unfortunately this is the case
louisville: definition of a mm choke
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan ... It's a tough read. Not because it's edgy, but because the writing's pretty lousy. Painfully so
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Opening scene rips off Bill Hicks
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 As I said, a paucity of research, not a complete absence, the great majority of which is over a century old. LOL Why dont you try bloodletting while you're at it
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Overall, everything has gone pretty smoothly. When I started the fast I weighed 184 pounds, standing 5' 9", with a considerable amount of muscle and some extra weight in the lower abdomen and upper thighs. On the 20th day, I weighed 161 pounds, with most of that fat lost, and also a degree of muscle and strength decrease. Since then, I have been eating very small meals, as I am aware of how my metabolism has slowed,...
OP is on a sensory deprivation fast. Every day our bodies are overexposed to visual and audio stimuli. Did you know that humans were designed to live lives confined to a 10 square mile area [1]? Man's aberrant expansion beyond the birth-zone led to abominations of the human species such as War, the Industrial Revolution and High Fructose Corn Syrup [2]. Unfortunately we can no longly easily revert to the natural state because of the urbanist lifestyle [3]. We have...
she is in residency in another city
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