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Quote: Originally Posted by scientific no reason Jeter can't ... quietly ship him 50k. that's pocket change. Other than the fact that he's an entitled whiner But seriously NYR, calling him a schmuck for not demanding payment is why people stereotype northeasterners, NYers in particular, for being such fucking assholes
Vision Quest Really young Matt Modine, Linda Fiorentino...Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan in 16 Candles)...the debut of Madonna Though I doubt few if any of you actually saw this. It holds up really well, too. Funny...that may disqualify it.
I've always thought that it must by definition require some sort of incredible narcissism to run for political office. Every politician I've known or met, no matter the political bent, has given off vibes of Messianic complex. Agree / disagree?
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I've become convinced that nearly everyone who lives north of Santa Cruz is retarded. It gets worse as you go north, reaching it's apex in Seattle. My aunt, uncle, and two cousins live in SF (or used to - my aunt and uncle now live in Portola Valley, and my cousins are in Palo Alto). I used to spend summers there, because S. Fla. sucks in the summer. It was incredibly fun, but they lived in Jordan Heights which...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I sat next to her, Jay Z, and Beyonce at a Coldplay concert years ago (she was way preggo with Apple). Was a great show and we got great last minute tix on ticketmaster the day before the show.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman ..."I don't remember how much I paid because it was in Euros off a European website and the exchange rate always fluctuates.". Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman Hahaha, Okay. So I told a girl who was very interested in where I got my shirts. Dumbest mistake ever. I told her that a man shows up at a hotel, reserves a room. Then I meet him there and look at fabric samples. And...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Thats the trouble, the man is probably one of only 500 people in Europe who had bespoke tails for his first day at school. Everyone knows this, so pretending its not true is more patronising than him just doing the natural thing for the leader of a Country. The country no less that set sartorial standards for the entire world for generations. God damn the more I think about it, the angrier I get. He is the leader...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan How will this create jobs? Ya man, all those guys making a living from online poker are now going to be looking for real jobs. So, if anything, it will produce more stress on the job front! By the way, now anything you say/do should be vetted by the sentence "How will this create jobs?"
one of them is Huntsman
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian And your point is? Subsitute [architect] with [cardiologist]; [attorney]; [USPS employee]; [professional athlete]; [university professor]; [artist]; [men's store clerk]; [rock star]; [super model]; [critic]; [maitre d']; [blogger]; [politician]; [groundhog in Pennsylvania in February]; [internet expert]; [etc., etc.]; and what would be the difference? Obviously everyone has a strong opinion on their...
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