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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Kind of cheesy looking. whatd you expect
Quote: Originally Posted by stevenvg looks good. what brand is it? Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo dboon, hell yes! ya i caved...it's vintage Dale of Norway btw
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I wonder what will be after workwear next year? Red wings in gq = gig is up after workwear will be "prep"
[marx] to the bigtimers: have you ever reached the point where your wardrobe is...."done"? assuming that you have exercised your great taste & made informed decisions such that every item is "timeless", will "last forever", etc... or do you just get bored of what you previously bought? do you own like 20 similar items of every kind (sweaters, jeans, boots, lace ups)? doesn't the time and knowledge required to reach this point where you are past consumer fashion render...
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius If I had cars like that I wouldn't just be parking them in my driveway (and I'd have a much nicer house!) I think he has great taste in wheels who the fuck spends over a million dollars on cars and leaves them to rot out on a driveway. it's called a garage
he either has ridiculous corporate funding lined up, or he will soon
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie these are just this years model crappy selvage jean from UO. like the ones from last year that a lot of folks bought [myself most notably] which lost rivets on the first wear and fit like shit and had insane QC issues. the name of the brand is escaping me. I thought they were rad, but i'd be hessitant giving Uo 80 dollars for a pair of anything. Academi
Just scored a Galway Bay shawl collar aran, will update with pics
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