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i vote "insensitive username of the year"
You'd think with all the universities attracting rich 18-24yr olds there'd be a market for high end retail, at least on franklin street
Whodini, I agree with you mostly, but your blatant antagonism shows when you try to discredit the guy for being "coincidentally located in NC, an area with the means for such a project." The intrastate manufacturing may be a coincidence rather than some premeditated environmental plan, but it doesn't make it any less true. grooveholmes, your point is technically valid, but I think the Barneys shopper is not exactly the posterboy of legitimate sustainable practices. i.e....
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Just went through my movies: .... Vision Quest every wrestler knows and loves this movie....kudos
worst beginning of a year ever.
al franken is a senator. hahahhaha
Quote: Originally Posted by PolePosition His oldest daughter IS in her 30's (Christine)...so that suggests he must have had a previous marriage or something like that. I meant that before the 2nd the last episode, it was evident that something wasn't quite right.
did anyone else notice earlier on that trinity's wife was 40something, kids were teens, yet he was in his sixties? last few episodes have actual morbid-action which is what makes this show really entertaining imo... i don't see dexter being able to just be gone for hours and hours on end and come home to a happy rita/family. either the attempted kiss by nextdoor neighbor turns into something, or rita finds out about his shit, or something, he hasn't faced any...
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I would add that there is probably some licensing authority that grants this person a license to do what they do. dingdingding PE exam, Bar exam, USMLE, ARE, ...
^^ and exactly wtf is the "image being pushed" by gothninja
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