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he either has ridiculous corporate funding lined up, or he will soon
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie these are just this years model crappy selvage jean from UO. like the ones from last year that a lot of folks bought [myself most notably] which lost rivets on the first wear and fit like shit and had insane QC issues. the name of the brand is escaping me. I thought they were rad, but i'd be hessitant giving Uo 80 dollars for a pair of anything. Academi
Just scored a Galway Bay shawl collar aran, will update with pics
my grandmother was in the Bauhaus :shock:
this is a good thread
fashun is cereal bizniss
First of all, no need to flood the front page with a new thread every time you find a couple new things. This is the definition of a special flower thread. And now I will do the typical Special Flower Thread Accuser response - dignify it with a real reply Pointer isn't bad, but the "blackdown" and all of your previous submissions look god awful to my eyes. What is your budget? Impossible to give suggestions if no budget is in mind...
so. sick. not exactly a bargian, though :-/
(jpier's a felon?)
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