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Quote: Originally Posted by shellshock is anyone planting sweet peas? They are fun to grow and pretty! this might be the most effeminate sentence in the history of SF, and I'm surprised it actually came from a female
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint dark skin girls are better than light skin I disagree homeboy
so you're saying that a communist party administrator was exhibiting selfish, anti-common-good behavior? and that a chinese man was a bad driver? lies
nofx is god awful, 90s pseudo punk in drop d with that nasally Los Angeles valley-boy accent so indicative of the many terrible bands they epitomize
How many times can "the construction on these reach a level we've never seen before"
Artisan Fan, why do you care SO MUCH about "the global warming hoax"? Do you need to feel justification for whatever lifestyle you perpetuate at the moment? Do you live surrounded by jackass eco terrorists? Surely you gain some personal satisfaction posting shit like this
as the french would say: it blew chunks. are people incapable of making good films anymore? i just realized i havent seen a movie i thoroughly enjoyed without some fatal flaw that was made in the last decade
what about the one that goes "coo-ooo, ooo ooo....OOO ooo-ooo, ooo-OOO OOO-ooo; ooo-OOO OOO-ooo" and im not kidding
that ryan sorba guy has that classy brooklyn tone in his voice doncha think
link please?
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