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going to the gym in jeans is just absurd
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff it was lame. stupid. i had no idea who they were, and i didnt care to look it up either, they were so bad. i knew it was some 'famous' band from back then. arent you thirty something??
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Heh, clothing isn't really my area of expertise, as much as I just enjoy it. Thanks, though I think some of the difference between MC and SW&D in tone could be a generational gap as well. A 40-year-old lawyer with a family is certainly going to approach posting differently than a college student. And I don't necessarily mean that maturity-wise, so much as they've come to understand online social interaction...
TCK13, do you have prior experience in any sort of "combat sport"? i.e. wrestling (folkstyle, freestyle, greco) or boxing or ka-ra-te? fail Quote: Originally Posted by PeterParker ... 79/9 = 8.777... Fail. ...
i vote "insensitive username of the year"
You'd think with all the universities attracting rich 18-24yr olds there'd be a market for high end retail, at least on franklin street
Whodini, I agree with you mostly, but your blatant antagonism shows when you try to discredit the guy for being "coincidentally located in NC, an area with the means for such a project." The intrastate manufacturing may be a coincidence rather than some premeditated environmental plan, but it doesn't make it any less true. grooveholmes, your point is technically valid, but I think the Barneys shopper is not exactly the posterboy of legitimate sustainable practices. i.e....
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Just went through my movies: .... Vision Quest every wrestler knows and loves this movie....kudos
worst beginning of a year ever.
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