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I never read the Dredd comics but thought this movie was awesome; good balance of style and gore, and didn't take itself too seriously. I actually liked this much better than the pretentious Batman finale.
I was stupid to phrase that post so assertively. All I meant to say was that I hope you don't just take a few 5-minute clips out of context and jump to a conclusion, because there is a lot of funny stuff in both shows. I'd think a fan of Aykroyd would appreciate it. I just can't recall meeting someone who legitimately tried to get into Seinfeld or Curb and came to the conclusion that it just "wasn't funny."
To Teacher and a few others in this thread: if you don't enjoy Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm then you just aren't approaching it correctly. I really recommend that you take the effort to get into them. Both shows have some of the greatest comic genius I've ever seen, and both are eminently enjoyable. You must understand, though, that you aren't supposed to "like" the main characters, much less see yourself in them. They are supposed to be shallow, self-serving jerks. An...
You should see them very soon then. You will also start seeing items with "sockets (open slots) in them. As he said above, you insert a gem into a slot and it provides a boost to the item (+Strength or +Vitality or +%MagicFind, etc.)
You forgot to list the size of this pair
No, the best looking little person acting right now is Mark Povinelli from Are You There, Chelsea?
I was so disappointed with Battle Royale. I remember not caring at all about the characters that died and thinking that the plot made absolutely no sense.
I saw this with my niece last night. 100x better than the twilight crap she was into a few years ago. Feel free to encourage the tween/teen girls in your family to get into this series if they already haven't. Twilight's message: Shirk all responsibility to endulge your crush on a hot guy Hunger Games' message: The world is a cruel place, be independent and strong-willed
I pity any of you who seriously believe in the relevance of IQ exams in anything other than to appease those insecure enough to try and join MENSA
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