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Haven't seen this movie yet, but read the books. The Hobbit book was definitely much more boring than the LOTR trilogy.
I thought it was a decent (i.e., not particularly good) finale. [[SPOILER]] About the only thing I think this show has going for it is that since Season 8 is the confirmed final season, they will finally have the freedom to make Dexter fallible.
Actually, it's really hard to say what's going to happen anymore. And not because of flawless open-ended writing....but because there are SO MANY loose ends and absurd things each week that it's impossible to draw a logical path from one event to another. Perhaps the most glaring, hilarious flaw from last night's episode: aparently Xanax tastes awful and is not soluble in water - making a surprise xanax-water cocktail literally impossible. Also, nobody seems to remember...
WARNING: SPOILERSI won't bother spoiler-tagging because I think the only people who read this thread still watch the show.Well, so much for the Doakes-as-arsonist theory. A pretty boring episode overall.It's pretty funny how sloppy the writing for this show has become. There are still a ton of loose ends that I doubt will ever be mentioned again:The kills are no longer stealthy and elaborate - Dexter is Superman and can pretty much kill anyone anywhere anytime.I mentioned...
Millenial here. Gainfully employed since age 14. This is fucking inexcusable behavior. Fire. That. Bitch. I can't believe that she expects to come back from her "vacation" to be greeted with anything less than slashed tires.
To be fair, I did categorize that idea as a "wild ass theory" that I "wished" were true (but probably isn't). I based the theory on the title of the finale ("Surprise, Motherfucker!") and the fact that in Dexter-verse, Doakes could have survived the explosion and been "re-born by fire". It's much more likely that the finale will just be that LaGuerta or someone else finally connects the dots to finger Dexter as the BHB and exonerate Doakes.It is strange that they...
Doakes was a cop who found out about Dexter in season 2 (?). Dex tied him up in a cabin with body bags. Then his crazy girlfriend Lila blew the cabin up. Doakes was presumed dead when they found his dna and some body parts at the explosion.
So many plot holes in that last episode. [[SPOILER]] It was disappointing to see Victor go. By far the most interesting character this season. At this point, I couldn't give less of a fuck about most of the B-characters; the subplots are laughably undeveloped and/or uninteresting.My wild-ass theories that I wish were true: [[SPOILER]]
If anybody stopped watching Dexter in the last few seasons (who can blame you, they weren't great), I recommend you pick it back up with Season 7: The villain is the great, equaled only by Trinity imo. The Dexter-love-interest is finally an interesting character (and hot to boot). And it looks like at least one main character will end up dead.
A lot of cool ideas but so, so many plot holes.
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