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Since when are J Crew wool suits made with Loro Piana fabric? Their latest Aldridge and Ludlow suiting states that the fabric is from Loro Piana. Does this affect their quality in a more positive way (compared to past/present views of J Crew suits on SF), or is the more important issue here still where the suits were actually manufactured, and how they were assembled? For both jacket and pants the price is still $540.00 (another $125.00 if you opt for a vest to go for...
Which one do you wear with more confidence? Thats the one you wear.
Is a Euro 42/UK8 a US 8.5, or 9 on these? Thanks
PM'd on 38 and 41.
PM sent, with question.
Look in streetwear & denim and you will find what you are looking for .
Payment sent on #7, 16, 20, 35, 36, & 37. Thank you Minkous!!
PM sent on 7, 16, 20, 35, 36, and 37.
There is a definite and true difference between people who truly understand what style is, and how to wear it, and those who through money, fame, and fortune, try to fit into the mold that is called "style".
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