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Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, now Warcraft. I can't wait until Triumph the Insult Comic Dog rips up the Warcraft fans while they camp out to see this. Goodpoint. I fucking hate this world of warcraft shit so much, I do not understand why anybody would buy it, the disc is a antipussy pendant.
The article skipped the juice.
I have this paper lamp in my room, I got it at target for pretty cheap actually, it makes a warm light glow, if you're going for a romanticish light, go with a paperlamp if you can.
I've been on a week long bender in Las Vegas, ended it this morning when I thought I was going to die. Leaving Vegas tomorrow morning thank God. The catalyst, also the most unclassy drink ever;
If you want to see a movie, I highly suggest the Drive-in on Carey next to the fiesta station in N.Las Vegas, its been there since 1966 and the only thing that has changed really is the screens. I went last night, paid 8 dollars for this girl and I, ended up seeing two movies, plus you can bring whatever you want, so if you drink its great. (just as long as you don't drive)
No. But make sure you can break easy contact, its like an eject button.
Quote: Originally Posted by HELLAHYPHY but please enjoy what i actually wore today a hat a cardigan a wife b a pinrolled pant dunks Take off the hat and your set.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher People who like taco bell Marijuana
Goddamnit I want a jailbait thread, not a chicks with dicks thread. /thread
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