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Geico. I would love to step on that creature, in one commercial he steals his bosses first dollar to buy "crisps". Do you want to trust that type of advertising for an insurance company.
I've had this Eazy-E line for some reason stuck in my head all day; "Motha fuck Dre, Motha fuck Snoop, Motha fuck Death Row! Yo and here come my left blow!" Its pretty well rhymed if you ask me.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Kung Pow Very Hilarious.
I've always love when bands do their drumming like that, very tribal and live is very powerful, a local basement band in my area does something like that and watching live just really gets you going. Skip to about 4:16
The mink oil I just put on my boots.
"we did this for a show" You can plot a insane series of events, but you can't train the kid to keep his mouth shut.
I saw the video playing on a T.V in a store while I was out this morning, I couldn't stop thinking how hilarious the circumstances were.
I throw basement parties that my neighbors will complain about the next day.
I found a Surplus store in my area, really want to pick up an old Army wool sweater now.
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