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Grow a few real good plants in your basement, and sell to your friends. Its a good honest job.
I got a netti pot, I was shocked at how much easier I could breath after using it for the first time.
I've been trying to get a pair of German Army Trainers, I've searched a few surplus sites with no luck. I would rather not go on eBay but I'm going to guess that is what I'm going to have to do. Anybody know where I can pick them up?
I slipped on some ice yesterday and ripped the entire seat of my jeans. Still had to ride the bus home too
I've been waiting for what seems like forever, the first one on PC was great due to the modding. I can see this being a fun game though, I just hope it pulls some strings and isn't just a generic GTA ripoff.
Quote: Originally Posted by VincentMilano I'm pretty sure my employee's are clean... And the thing about Rotterdam... Well, it's just hard to fix that... I'll try the LED screens. Last week I caught 2 boys by myself who tried to steal, they're just 14 years old!? Where is the world going to? When I was 14 I remember having this little phase where I wanted to steal like some kind of klepto. I actually ended up shoplifting a PC game. Yes it...
Keep an eye on the employees, at the clothing store I work at someone was fired for letting their friends steal. Just last week a group of women came in and tried to steal 1800 worth of clothes, the big concern now is that majority of shoplifters come in groups now.
A quote from someone at a party the other night; "I didn't know Louis Vuitton made ecstasy."
damn son, did your mom go to tjmaxx? I had to stock a thousand of those perry ellis jeans today
I miss the hell out of my roadbike, until one day the crank fell off as I was going down a steep busy hill. I hate riding my mountain bike on the road.
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