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I'm all for the Legalization of Marijuana. Almost every time I have drank, I can't control myself, I bitch and complain and I can hardly walk. But when I'm high, I find myself Giggly, a better artist, and really hungry, I can stop whenever I want and I can function great, I can go to work and no one can know I'm high other that the fact I keep making alot of jokes and find water to taste 10 times better. If they do Legalize it, I think the age should be like 18. ...
Yeah I have just a little bit wide feet, not even that big and the my chucks arnt that bad after I worn them in about 3 weeks. They get really uncomfortable walking distances over a mile though. They are just a pain in the ass to put on, I've been using my shoehorn just to put it on becuase I really hate the hightops.
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What exactly is a good definition of Art Deco? I was introduced into it a few months ago in a graphic design class, and it was not until now that I really like this style of art and would like to get into it. Any Artist or book suggestions too?
I was at a very large bonfire, a pile of branches and such about 12 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 6 feet tall out in a rural area with a few friends in his backyard, and I was drinking Whiskey and coke, and I had the strongest urge to jump in this massive fire.
Yeah so what if people look attractive, but too bad because whiskey dick is right there with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrgoodeals SSSS on an airline ticket does not stand for Special special special special. The mark of the beast as one website called it. Random security check =/
Christian Audiger (sp?) has a club opening in Las Vegas pretty soon. It's called "When I move you move", At least the Guido's and Kissy-faced , fake tan, Bro's will have a place to Migrate and stay at.
Just got my first pair of the Desert Boots in black, they did not have brown, I got them for 32.00 dollars at a clarks store in the outlet mall in Las Vegas.
Mostly Crystal Castles and Death from Above 1979. But for some reason I've been liking this song. Mayday Parade- Jamie all over.
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