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I heard the Rio has a great buffet, I heard the seafood there was great too, I'm a home cooker though so I have yet to check it out though.
In Egypt, do not go on the camel rides, they may take you far into the desert and threaten to leave you there unless you pay them more money. In Mexico, if a cop makes you bribe him, just give him the money, Dad had a bad experience. Tijuana is not as nice as it was a few years ago, the place got worse I heard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman In my school 89% of the people wear Abercrombie and fitch and Hollister. Most of them buy from those stores because all the cool people buy from there which I guess is common in high school. Which I think is stupid and I am glad I dress the way I do. I am not a fan of a whole lot of writing or images on clothes except for the occasional band T-shirt. I agree with you so much. This is exactly how it is in my...
Loosechange, those rit-dye black jeans look great. I think tomorrow I will pick up some dye for a old pair of Lucky brand's I have laying around, just to test it out.
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