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I Dj Electro/house at my own house parties, Ive been doing some production too but really some basic club stuff I can use as catchy fillers. I live in a smaller city which hasn't had too many local band shows lately so Im looking at trying to throw an electronic thing soon. Right now just Virtual DJ and a USB mixer controller. Hoping one day to get a great set of pioneer tables and such when the money is right.
Has to be one of my favorites. I love how his mission went from delivering the car to fighting authority as the last american hero, pretty deep . I doubt its intended though but its my view on it.
Are you a mix of experimental with hip-hop instrumental? You're like Animal Collective meets P.Diddy, hot damn!
Blank Deck, then for trucks try to go with venture since usually blank trucks are heavy; then your choice of bearings and wheels. I would also look into these rubber pads you put between the trucks and deck for a smoother ride.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard +100 Morphine drip is one hell of a drug. I've never felt so good and euphoric in my entire life as I did the first time I was ever given morphine in an emergency room. That thought frightens me. Hardcore opiates are not to be trifled with. Indeed, I never got much from painkillers but the morphines really did a number on me. I remember that night thinking it was just going to take the edge off...
I just decided to listen to Charlie Murphy Live at the Roxy. Honestly, the jokes weren't the best but the way Charlie would just go about telling it was hilarious, you can listen to the album on grooveshark. Also listened to Mike Birbiglia the other day, find him similar to Gaffigan but not so over the top with the voice thing.
Souls of Mischeif - 93 Till Infinity Outkast- ATLiens Kanye- Spaceships Kanye - Driveslow RBL Posse- Don't give me no bammer weed.
Some of the models look on the brink of vomiting.
Sea Turtle Soup, Shark, Iguana. All which I was told was chicken before eating.
Im pretty much open to most offers and interested in seeing different things, but my limit on price is about $120.
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