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Oh man, I know that feeling. Earlier this week I did that, plus insanity aslyum, then went out and danced for a few hours. I couldn't walk for days! I highly suggest the P90X recovery drink, and some icyhot.
I haven't done insanity, but Ive been doing P90X in the morning and then Asylum twice a week in the evening. Its really not that bad; and take it from me, I'm overweight and can't even run a halfmile without wheezing and hacking. Its a kick in the ass but its not like I'm throwing up and dropping to my knees.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas FTFY. Anyone know the name of this style or artist?
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen I guess I just won't ever understand it. I've done more than my share of drugs but I've always been able to let them go once I realized they were having negative effects on my life. maybe I'm lucky or maybe my parents raised me right. I feel the same, but ehhh, theyre russian.
An alarm that opens after a certain amount of time? Really?
Put a hole in the shower wall having sex this morning.
http://onethousandcigarettes.tumblr.com/ I only end up posting when inebriated. :coolshades:
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 This. They made trips there to preach hate and god and shortly thereafter a violent anti-gay movement got much worse. There was a documentary about it a year ago. What documentary is this?
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas I once took 5-meO-DMT by accident; one of the scarier experiences of my life. This was the first hallucinogenic I've ever tried, honestly it was a life changing experience. Tried it a couple more times, whats interesting is the "taking off" feeling and the fact that some experiences are eerily similar.
I see this kid every single day pacing back and forth in front of some apartment building on my way home. Last week some girl I knew told me that he was slipped some major dose at a party and has been fried since,all he does is run and walk all day. Apparently, my friend goes to a boxing gym that the dude goes to, and he breaksdown crying during workouts. I doubt anything that goes as lsd these days, its either really diluted or just 2C-i or 2C-e.
New Posts  All Forums: