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Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas FTFY. Anyone know the name of this style or artist?
Put a hole in the shower wall having sex this morning. I only end up posting when inebriated. :coolshades:
my girlfriend heard this and told me her heart was gong to explode haha. Pretty filthy:Excision & Noiz - Force (Bassnectar & Excision VIP)
Quote: Originally Posted by Krish the Fish what is a ps3? Some kind of machine that has no game.
This genre makes me want to continue heavy drug use and flip over a metro bus. I guess its really popular at the high school I graduated from, makes me interested in seeing what they will be listening to in the years to come, hopefully house music Numbernin6 - Garbage Jack Beats Not specifically dubstep but it has elements of it. Fenech-Soler - Lies (Doctor P...
If you guys play on the ps3, go ahead and add me - H702K
Boice. Scottish, northern Irish, and English: topographic name for someone who lived by a wood, from Old French bois "Ëśwood'.
GO PACK GO. Green Bay yesterday during the game was an eerie place; the traffic was the same as it would be early in the A.M., everywhere after 3pm was dead quiet and my store closed early for the game. I can't imagine the drinking and looting that will happen when we win this shit.
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