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If not for the uber narrow size these vtg shells would be a steal. Well, they are a steal if you are 12A, I think the seller is really reaching with the suggestion that these would work for a 10.5D http://www.ebay.com/itm/1970s-Beautiful-E-T-Wright-Shell-Cordovan-Wingtips-Vintage-Near-NOS-/221147752414?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item337d6ee7de
That is interesting to hear. I am torn as they are great looking boots and built to last, but I think I have no choice...
Nice boots, thinking of selling mine. They just do not seem to fit right and hurt my ankle...Any such issues for you?
NIB Bally Scribes 11 US. $249 shipped with box, bags, and Bally trees. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-BALLY-SCRIBE-EDGARD-00-HAND-MADE-IN-SWITZERLAND-SHOES-SZ-11-/221146474859?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item337d5b696b
Ah OK. they have four in my size... kind of on the fence. The price is about $80 higher than when they first were on the site.Does anyone know when the next 10% alden sale is at the Shoe Mart?
Allen Edmonds is rockin it...
Most are in stock already or is this not the Aberdeen last model?
total steal.
Thanks ya'll, I knew I came to the right place!
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