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Genuine Sealskin on the cheap from Church's.
EG for RLPL Spectators NIB 10D on 89 Last .
Those boots look great and seem to be from several sellers online now....I just recently bought a pair of NOS AE Medford's in brown grain otherwise I would pull the trigger (separate auction).
Maastricht's finest, nice!
Looks like a problem with the piping. if the piping finish is cracked then i would send them back, if just color then no big deal.
He might be a great guy, I never suggested that we was not. He bought a pair from me once, paid right way no problemo. As for the sizing/fit remarks in some of his auctions..... well caveat emptor as they say.
If not for the uber narrow size these vtg shells would be a steal. Well, they are a steal if you are 12A, I think the seller is really reaching with the suggestion that these would work for a 10.5D
That is interesting to hear. I am torn as they are great looking boots and built to last, but I think I have no choice...
Nice boots, thinking of selling mine. They just do not seem to fit right and hurt my ankle...Any such issues for you?
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