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Very nice pair of Late Model Made in USA Florsheim gunboats, the end of an era. NIB w $179 BIN Shipped.
No doubt a mirror shine, he is visible on both toe caps!
I really wanted the tassels but the guy reneged on the sale (and just sold them sold on 11/30 for an extra C-note...), Spoo has a pair and they look like the cat's pajamas.Enough spilled milk, time to dust off those boots...
Negative, they are gathering dust... MOL will likely beat me to it!
^The BB boots look great, kind of makes me want to find a pair...
This auction is so ridiculous .... guy has it all wrong and the shoes themselves look like hell (not shell). $27 for new BB dirty bucks size 8C made in USA.
Hate to go negative but uh those are pretty awful looking boots, poor quality, and not at all practical for MI winters. You might want to consider some AEs at that price level.just sayin'
Wrong, they were at VCH and the Good sizes (read: mine) went quickly.
AE's answer to the Alden LHS for a song, New with toe defect @ $75 shipped.
These look like a very nice pair of Alden for BB @ a C-note.
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