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Those were the first to go...
$199 opener with not much time left Grenson for PS loafers 9.5D US, as new.
Fantastic shoes!!
Nice.Have you considered adding a bit?
Sound advice in many situations.
Looks like unmarked shell cordovan, also unmarked for size... only $20.
I took a flyer on these....never had a bit loafer before! No clue what type of leather this is, at first glance I thought it was embossed but changed my mind, would like to invite the experts (ya'll know who you are!) to take a look and ask what you think about the leather?? Alternatively, please feel free to tell me how great and stylish they look
These make Alden's Barrie last look downright elegant....
Seller has two new pair of C&J for PRL shoes, Very nice looking Saddles & Captoe styles in US 8.5D for $180 BIN.
^ Looking great Mac! Machine stitch apron >> handstitched apron on Indy boots.
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