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nice find
Bit of a bummer, but at $150 would kop all day long. Must be suffering from poor name recognition.
Perry Ercolino's for $270 BIN, seems pretty smokin' if they were made in his workshop. Still a good deal from the looks of them regardless. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Perry-Ercolino-Men-Handmade-Suede-Oxford-Shoes-Cleverley-Lobb-Green-vass-/221338794237
Back on topic, these EG look pretty reasonably at $580 OBO w/ lasted trees. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Men-Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Label-Slip-On-Brown-Hand-Made-England-Sz-11-5-12-/261346712857
interesting, as our waistlines have expanded so too go the feet!
yep. I can only imagine the reason behind so many NOS shoes in such narrow widths is because virtually no one can wear such sizes so they remained unsold/unworn, or perhaps those who could wear such a size stocked up while the getting was good!
Some of the nicest shoes ever made in the US, unfortunately a tough size to fit. Perhaps for a 6D who likes a long sleek look? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1940s-Vintage-EDWIN-CLAPP-New-Englander-9-1-2-AAAAA-NOS-New-dress-shoes-/171189116939
I'm just gunna leave this here.
Sword wielding, there can be only one!
Thanks for posting this, hopefully it really is new and does not reek of the GW. Any idea what the retail was?
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