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$289 for shell cordovan Santoni, Goodyear line, is quite the bargain.
$400 on these new EG for RLPL is pretty good value for the money, looks like a Kibworth variant.
Appears to be some new old stock Peal & Co. (the original) riding boots with exquisite boot trees.
nice find
Bit of a bummer, but at $150 would kop all day long. Must be suffering from poor name recognition.
Perry Ercolino's for $270 BIN, seems pretty smokin' if they were made in his workshop. Still a good deal from the looks of them regardless.
Back on topic, these EG look pretty reasonably at $580 OBO w/ lasted trees.
interesting, as our waistlines have expanded so too go the feet!
yep. I can only imagine the reason behind so many NOS shoes in such narrow widths is because virtually no one can wear such sizes so they remained unsold/unworn, or perhaps those who could wear such a size stocked up while the getting was good!
Some of the nicest shoes ever made in the US, unfortunately a tough size to fit. Perhaps for a 6D who likes a long sleek look?
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