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Not after the fact, no. I did talk to him early on to confirm the deal. And he called, left me a VM to tell me to "check my email" re: the "mistake" on sizing.Easy come, easy go.
The $625 loafers and the $695 boots. Probably both worth it in the end to whomever but hey I would not buy a ham sammich from the guy...
If they are too big, let me know...willing to pay finders's fee and yes I gave the neg feedback, although two pair sold after doing so, so not much effect.
Ah haha, what a swell guy.
I doubt it, but just in case, here let me PM you my address... He emailed me that he made a mistake and they were 11.5 rather than 10.5, and gave me a refund. I never saw either pair of shoes so who knows what really happened...
Hey Shikar, in case you want to go for the Trifecta... the seller has the Tassel loafers in 11.5, apparently not the 10.5 after all
Nice pair of new AS for BB staple captoes, 8.5 no reserve. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Peal-Co-Crockett-Jones-Brooks-Brothers-Brown-Cap-Toe-Shoes-CLASSIC-NR-/150895767821?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item232216b10d
These are the cat's pajamas.
Nice, how many dolla?
Smart move, even with the cellphone pics that leather looks like buttah'! Hope you post some pics of both. (Assuming they arrive )
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