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Could have been worse, could have bought a caimen! O' the vagaries of shopping 4 online discount luxury RTW 😁
Ahhhh ha, OK, thanks. I imagine you are correct. They were listed online as crocodile, looks like I will have to settle for alligator.
Is it safe to assume these are crocodile and not alligator? Any idea as to which species?
Methinks Alfred Sarg
Nice shoes, seller is a member here.
Yeah I see that now, $175 to start yet no takers. Wish they were larger by 2.I caved and bought the Chelsea boots from this seller, hope they got the sizing right. I do not recognize the Santoni line with the black soles and rounded edge still, they look high quality in the pics. Maybe fatte a Mano? They have one pair left and a good value at $280, I suspect.
Steal on these Santoni boots at $250
Att. All 10.5 A or AA feets, this seller has some killer new old stock vtg shoes for sale. j&m hand mades, j&m hand mades for Frank Bros, and these EG for BB at about $250 a pop.
So the Oxxford is legit, little older but classic style and even came with an Oxxford tie! Best part though? The suit is not black as listed, it's midnight blue! Thanks again!
Wow, thanks colorlow going to take a chance on it
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