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I've been derelict with my pics, apologies. First week of September I'll be sure to take shots of the completed DB, the adjusted first commission grey sharkskin, and the most recent 3-piece in 13oz Smiths grey PoW. To clarify on the NY trips, it will be Michael taking the lead on this and he'll mirror G&G's travel schedule. It's great for C&M to make its US return following a significant hiatus.
StC offers flat laces in at least two lengths so you may want to check with your retailer or with Phillip directly.
The kudu suede appears to be thicker than that of calf, with a more dense and raised nap. I'll be totally honest that I picked it more for color than for any appreciation of any inherent qualities of kudu. Phillip made up a pair of tasseled loafers for me last year in the exact kudu suede and it's held up really well. Random plug for Saphir suede spray. I wore these very suede brogues for the first time today and it was quickly assaulted by coffee dripping from a...
Looks great! Is the underlying color more of a mid or cherry red? What's the material code?
I've had a few requests for updated pics, these are from April and both suits have since been finished and taken home. I also started a new 3-piece in a mid-grey 13 oz. Smiths PoW with blue overcheck (basted fitting in 4 weeks). The primary evolution from the first commission (3-piece) and the second (DB) is that the shoulders were slightly extended. This is a particular issue that both Joe and Michael want to address with my third. At any rate, the Chittleborough crew are...
New arrivals today: model 105 in CRU607 model 105 in KUD078 model 104 in CRU609 model 116 in black calf
I was at the G&G reception on May 9 with the crew from Chittleborough. Most everyone was elegantly turned out with the noticeable exception of that magician hired for the evening. Totally random, but he had a 10 min up-close routine which was actually quite impressive.
Nice color - what's the code for that one?
I've just taken delivery of several shirts, and they appear identical in fit and construction to others I've received going back three years. Am with Mina and Djno next week in London and will ask if they've switched out production or added new shirtmakers.
Congrats and wear in good health, those shots are terrific.
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