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Is Simon Baker legitimate? I am starting to worry. I placed an order last April, and paid half the cost of the case. We are at the beginning of July, and I have not heard anything from him, nor did I receive any news on the progress of my case.
Why JL fitted shoe trees in these?
They did that on purpose!!!!
About three weeks ago, I received my new Saint Crispins. It is Model 532 FC made on the screwdriver last in dark brown. It is a unique pair, and one of the best SC I have ever owned. I am inserting few pictures for your review. Please, forgive me if these do not include a picture of the soles. I should have taken a picture when the shoes were brand new. For those familiar with SC it was a typical SC sole, with the exception of the nails at the top of the tip, instead of...
I use their MTO services, and I am very satisfied! I have been a customer for the last 5 years. I can say that it is comparable to Ede & Ravenscroft in terms of craftmanship, and quality of construction.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji This is a clothing forum not a shoe forum. If you post pictures of your clothes they're gonna get critiqued and I can speak my mind if I want to. The forum is about clothes. However, this thread is about shoes. But, I agree, you may criticize whatever you want. It is ok with me!
Quote: Originally Posted by J.P. Myhre Dear Sir, I believe whatever shoes you buy, it is how they look, behave on the foot until your first repair (read 2 years), which is really important. Is the finish the same, does it last, how about the leather, does it stretch, it should of course, but how much etc. I am glad you are happy with your shoes, I hope you can return in two years and post a series of new pictures with the same smile on your face? All the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California I'll echo what everyone else has said, those shoes look extremely cool. I don't think we should be faulted for commenting on the jeans, though. I mean the issue on this forum is dress. It's kind of like showing the engine of your car to a bunch of car enthusiasts, but refusing to let them discuss the custom paint job. It might be more of a stretch if people said you should get a new carpet or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Maximus Rex @Mbkoissy (OP): Beautiful SCs!!! Congrats. Technical question: Do you get most of your shoes online/through the mail? I notice you're in Washington DC, which is not exactly a shoe mecca. Skyvalet has a small collection of C&J and EG, but otherwise, nice shoes are not easy to come by. The Neiman's etc. barely carry anything other than corrected grain Gucci & Prada crap... How do you manage sizing? Trial...
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji If you have the money to buy $900 shoes you should get some jeans that don't look like what every 30 your old man in the US wears. Something darker and not stone washed. Fuji: Thank you for your post. First, the cost of the shoes are 900 Euros. Second, I can wear whatever pair of jeans I want. I don't need your advice or anybody's advice for that. Third, let's stick to the issue, which is about the shoes.
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