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Yes, there is a lot of room. I'm not sure i could have sized down again due to the thighs fitting pretty tight.
Do new cures usually have noticable hip flair when sized down 1? I've been wearing mine nonstop for about a week now and i have ugly hip flair unless i pull up on the back belt loop. Everything else in the fit is good so I'm wondering if i should just take them to a good tailor and lower the back belt loop or even get darts put in. Suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tuff Ghost your gay You're
Stick it in your murse.
Correction. People who want to appear as though they are real men, wear pink to communicate that. It hardly works out. Edit: Men wear whatever the hell they like, and by extension of their manly awesomeness, look great always.
Personally I don't care what women want, clothing or otherwise.... Secondly, this looks like badly concealed advertising for a website....
Anyone here know what the customs fee would be on a pair of APC NS from denimbar into Canada?
Give it to someone needy.
I actually am starting over, previously had mall brands. Soon buying: APC NS AA ts (actually already bought 4) An assortment of shoes, but for sure: optical white hi top chucks, black leather hi tops W&H hoodie summer hat of some kind loafer socks for summer boatshoes/moccs A watch (i'm on a budget and have no idea what to get, suggestions?) 2 Button downs to wear untucked. I'm going to pick up h&m/gap/jcrew to tide me over until i get something nicer (i haven't done much...
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