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Man, just impulse bought another pair of glasses after reading this thread. This chalks it up to 5 pairs
Just caught "40" Wow! you look very young. But again congratulations!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Still in Rome with my girlfriend; yesterday was my 40th, so we went out last night to dinner at Da Giovanni's, had a fantastic meal, walked around Rome and ended up with prosecco at the Campo de Fiori, where the locals gather to stand around the edge of the piazza to try to kill each other with fireworks and by throwing empty bottles into the open space in the middle I dragged the girlfriend into the middle of...
This is so cool.
My Laundry is back! hanging porn
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor to me that dose not look like a turn back cuff. it looks like a regular added on half cuff. what is an added on half cuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 I often wonder why he doesn't just increase his production capacity. Can you imagine the numbers he could do if everyone got their shirts exactly as they ordered them in 3 weeks for the same price? I would imagine he might have trouble maintaining quality with more labor, but it still seems in the best interest of his business in the long run. It incredible when you think about it that he's basically turning down...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector the Joker looks kinda lame. -1
Quote: Originally Posted by stevejobs The cost to manufacturer a garment like a polo shirt from Asian OEM sources is between $2-5 per piece in large quantities (>10,000). You could probably bring to them an entire collection of high quality merchandise from brands like Bobby Jones and RLPL and ask them to copy the clothes for a premium that is slightly more than double the lesser cost mentioned previously. You could bring to market a quality product...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jsoftz Erm. Maybe a public forum is not the best place to post this. Was at a strip club last week, and ran into a girl I had a crush on when I was a freshman in High School. She was a very conservative girl, socially awkward and both of us could have easily been characterized as the high school nerd types. I always thought she was real skinny because she wore shapeless clothes. Anyhow, it turns out she is a stripper now.....
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