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Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Sure - I paid 180 pounds (excl. VAT) to www.pediwear.co.uk nice! thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Acidboy...where are you from? Those sound like hefty discounts...are you certain they are authorized dealers? Just because someone is a grey market dealer they don't have to operate in some crummy little back alley shop, they can look VERY nice. Yea acidicboy,
Eustace: wow those trickers are very nice. Do you mind if i ask how much they were? Are they available online?
Is this a consignment sale? Just kidding, looks great. those buttons look pretty nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade This thread is useless without pics. Quote: Originally Posted by Laffertron Who else spreads their cheeks when they sit down to reduce the amount of cleanup required? I'm tempted to post a goatse pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty It would be less expensive if you ditch the pants and spray paint your legs. If they're hairy enough you can get a nice woolly texture. lefty lol
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ For me it was "my cheeks were sliding back and forth against each other like a pair of horny cane-toads." Great use of metaphors. I find that pulling the hairs doesn't seem to lead to the itchy ingrown stubble problem the CL poster had with shaving. I've taken to ripping out my nose hairs, now that makes my eyes water! My lack of sensitivity has been problematic... I will sometimes find a nice bloody wound on...
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