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I've used them before. Ended up with a suit with armholes that came down to my waist. There was also this foam padding they used in the shoulders that will probably keep its shape after the rest of the crappy fabric has disintegrated. no like.
darn, missed ya.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Just curious - what are your lapel facings? Grosgrain! Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho You look a lot "rounder" in this. Yea, not super fitted, and it also has a waistcoat padding the inside
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 What a ugly ass jacket, you should send it to me. But keep the pants please BTW, how did you manage to not wrinkle the sleeves? Even if all the wearing you had was from your house to where this photo was taken, I'd imagine a linen jacket would show a lot more wrinkle. Is it the same secret that's keeping you wrinkle free at your age? I think he probably did the robot walk the whole day
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Toiletduck is the night watchman. yfyf is the day janitor
I think the lesson to the thread is...dress nicely?
that is just awesome.
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