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a few months back I was in town and got a tour of historical Manila from this dude: It was pretty darn good. Last week when I was on Cathay, I noticed him being featured on their inflight magazine. good job!
Some suggestions from my Ann Arbor experience a few years back: 1) I can't remember when exactly, but the North campus main building has Jazz players jamming one night each week and is quite enjoyable to relax there then. (not sure whether they have this in the summer either) 2) check out the university website for performances/events (looks quiet in the summer though) 3) go fishing 4) check out the undergrad hotties on summer...
Who can I add on Steam?
TI's trousers rise from what I can see.
Interestingly enough - this suit looks quite alright in the photos but is one that I need some major alterations to. It feels like it was made for a person a few sizes larger than me and feels really uncomfortable too
Carmina has this awesome new last that is really nice. Its called the "Inca" last. Yfyf has a pair. Unforunately like most nice things, available in Japan only
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat What should I be looking for in "Shanghainese" tailoring? Is there a book on the subject? Where did all HK tailors during colonial days learn their craft? There are actually a few history books specifically on Shanghainese tailoring, but I believe they are all in Chinese. I don't think there is enough interest to do a translation into English. Anyhow - its a thick ass book chock full of illustrations,...
my recent chan:
I hop too
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