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Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe I approve! I'm normally a cold-hearted bastard but I smile every time I see a woman wearing her man's jacket. The same way that women smile when they see a man carrying flowers. BTW, I can tell it's not her jacket bec. is has a chest pocket. Most women's jackets, even the popular "boyfriend" jacket, do not have the chest pocket. Mine!
^ the jacket is mine, she is modeling it for WAYWT.
Quote: Originally Posted by KeatonCollar Man that is hideous! When I was in Chicago in the spring, about 80% of the women had these awful Burberry rain boots on. In the winter, its those damn Burberry scarves. What gives? Not sure, but over here they are quite functional in the heavy rain! I don't think they are burberry - a lot of retailers sell a whole range of funky & colorful rainboots.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf It's not every day you receive a flower from a man you met on the internet. flower says: "I witnessed an epic girly-fite about flowaz on the internets." "Handmade by NOBD for yfyf". A+ craftsman would commission again. internet luvz
Beat up Westbournes & rumpled slacks:
^nice lady friend
I really like the flannel one. I can't see the back, but your trousers seem to have extra fabric behind your right thigh. (picture left?). I have this sort of problem with some of my trousers as well.
o - there should be a jazz festival too annually. Don't remember when.
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