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Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Is that a ring jackeT? Looks like it! But on second glance, there are 4 sleeve buttons as opposed to 3. Probably not. normally works
No problem! The small sized Ro bag idid not come out as we envisioned it to be, and is still undergoing some modifications. It will be up for its photoshoot sometime later! Alan
Medium Bag comes in Black & Cognac: Price: 5600 HKD Dimensions: 39cmx30cmx6cm Made of Italian bridle leather and lined w/ pigskin Extra photo: Large Bag comes in Black & Cognac as well, slightly longer and also wider. At this size, we decided to add a strap for a weightier load: Dimensions: 42cmx30cmx9cm The interior of both are similar, lined w/ pigskin and compartment under RoxArmoury flap is padded on both sides for protection of laptop. Interior shot!
Stolen yfyf Ringjacket!
Thanks guys, the tie is a blue Drakes donegal cashmere, and Ringjacket shirt & DB. The berries, I have absolutely no idea what kind they are but they were snipped off our display. Back to my hole!
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman Looks like has reached its bandwidth limits. We're gonna need a bigger boat. Back up!
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Love this. Is the jacket uncanvassed? Looks very soft. Yup - uncanvassed/unpadded cotton
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