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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'm still unclear as to the leather quality and tanning process for the Carmina. On these pictures, they look better IMO. IRL, I don't know. When we ordered our Carminas, we ordered quite a few pairs with the leathers from Ilcea (http://www.ilceaspa.it/index_eng.html) They are definitely one of the better tanneries around... Also got to meet some of the guys at Ilcea at one of the leather tradeshows. ...
looking for something to mess around with... should i get an prs SE? What kinda of small practice amp should i pair it with?
Shoe trees aren't available yet. Carmina does not offer any lasted trees so we have been looking around for a good tree supplier. Quote: Originally Posted by ZengaGent Hi Mark and company, I understand that Ethan Newton is with you guys at present, so being a once-customer of his, I'd also like to he: Hello there, mate! Wonder if someone could help me out here: In terms of jacket length, how does a Size 48, Model 184 jacket compare with a size 38...
Great colors, glad to see the G&G's fit so well!!
Don't know about skunk but hanging my jacket on my balcony above HK road traffic for a day gets rid of most odours. I had this jacket where I had failed to get rid of dog-pee smell after dry-cleaning it not once, twice, but three times. The traffic did the job in a day. (my fiance's toy poodle got too excited while standing ON my jacket)
How much for the converses in the background
Bitin my style! wth!
Quote: Originally Posted by ZengaGent Hi Yfyf, Store looks absolutely fantastic! All the best with this new venture, and may you have many long, prosperous years ahead of you. Just curious about the on-line store... will you be selling jackets and suits in addition to accessories? (The Ring Jacket Model 184 is sublime) Cheers, ZG Yes we will be selling jackets and suits as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Cold enough here for the full tweed rig. Thats so awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by blofeld A fun visit to the Armoury this week - Alan is a great guy and super helpful - was even tolerant of young King Kong here trying his best to destroy the store! If you are in HKG, definitely stop buy and pick up some Carminas...beauties for sure... Starting them young... Young king kong is so cute! Those carminas are awesome. I have a whole bunch of suede converts at the store. Wear yours in good health!
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