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Which style are you going for? Go for it!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mac Thanks Alan. I sent them an email yesterday but am still awaiting a reply. All goods shipped throughout the EU (including Spain and UK) are subject to no VAT. I hope I can get at least some of my money back. By the way, do you stock 12.5UK in shoes"ā€¯incase these are a little tight? Unfortunately - largest we go right now are 12. Lets hope 12 are ok!
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou Oh no! Maybe Carmina is really made in C#1N^. j/k Haven't seen great quality shoes out of China. There have been quite a lot of Chinese makers ordering from these big brands trying to copy - but it has mostly been copies of style only. They don't have the right machines and expertise ...yet... especially in the shoe-making arena. Hopefully they'll be able to do good quality shoes soon! ...
Also on the subject of shipping straight out from Carmina - We do not hold stock at Carmina, nor do they hold stock of shoes at their headquarters. It seems they run a pretty light operations and can only ship out from their retail stores if available there. Also, if you have been to their stores in Spain, which they would have more communications with, it seems that they have limited runs of more unique styles + lasts which are somewhat different to us. We will try...
Hi guys, Here's some input from HK - and also for duties in general. I'm sorry to say that most of the import duties and VAT issues are out of our control. One thing to note is that Import duties and VAT (value added tax) are two completely different things 1) Import duties should always be levied upon import of the said good into the UK, unless the country has had a bilateral agreement with country of origin on lower/0% tax. There are some exceptions DEPENDING on...
Something just dropped in this morning ... but in limited quantity Both in Inca lasts and the Chukka boot in a dainite sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. What a mens store should be. thank you! drop by next time you're in town!
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah You're killing me - what happened to the bags? Your posting pictures and saying it's not available is like letting me put my hands in a cookie jar and not take anything out. The bags are available in store now! shoot us an email info@thearmoury.com if you'd like to purchase or need more details available in the cognac or black in the 4 sizes The small fits a small A4 folder perfectly, and the smaller...
I found an ESP MV-200 in my old place, no need to buy a new guitar! What amp should I hook up, our local music store doesn't stock orange I don't think. Looks like we have vox, line 6, marshall, all the more common brands
Uh oh - does sound like a big can of worms. i play a lot of random songs - but most of my time its just jamming to myself on a nice clean sound or perhaps with a bit of overdrive. Probably hard to cater for with that kind of information. I'll just head to the music store!
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