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Thanks guys. I'm wondering whether to bring this into our store...
Its called the "victoria" sole - slightly thicker than the dainite soles, which I wanted to try for these more rugged boots.
Xposted from armoury affiliate thread. My new Carmina MTO's
Quote: Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist Got my Carmina brogues (Simpson Last)! Simply the most beautiful brown shoes I currently own! The hue of chestnut brown; dark and burnished) is simply out of this world!!! Many Thanks Alan! CEK P.S.: Also got the Grenfell, the Sorley knit and the Drakes Pocket Square. P.S.S: The Armoury really rocks!! Glad you're happy with them! Quote: Originally Posted by...
et voila!
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Crap! Did we discuss how the Inca fits compared to the Simpson and Alcudia? Wider? (please say no, please say no, please say no, please say no...) They ARE wider...Which is actually a good thing for me as I have really wide feet. They are listed as an EE last and we find a lot of people size down half a size in these You should get a custom one made up in the Simpson. That should look awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Found some old broker pictures of our place before we moved in. We didn't change much except for some of the lights and completely differnt furniture. We use more modern furniture (Saarinen table, Cherner chairs, Bertoia bar stools, Knoll sofa) and modern paintings to balance the rustic wood/brick setting. Nice... from the photos, exactly what I would switch out as well..haha! I'm very envious!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Wearing the new rig, too bad FNB isn't here to see how I can "clean up" Curious to hear ghow you guys think the grey blazer, now three piece, came out. Looks really good!
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