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So awesome
Yes very rare - Yes, the fabric describes the weave of the linen. The original name is in Japanese, so I adapted a name for it
Quote: Originally Posted by Naturlaut II I invite you to come to Hong Kong for spring break. On a different note, I have hardly seen RTW makers use fresco/finmeresco/crispaire. Mohair yes, but not fresco. We have this special commission LINEN fresco by Ringjacket coming in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I went to the next level with the tall, hot Azn chick at Starbuck's. I knew she was on shift Friday morning, as she always works then. We had the day off and Mrs. Piob and I stopped in for coffee while running errands. Tall, hot Azh chick got a big smile when she saw Mrs. Piob, who is a tall, hot Azn woman. I'm looking forward to reaction on Tuesday morning. [borat] nice [/borat]
Thanks guys! Alan
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Did you just get married? If not, pop the question ASAP, shes gorgeous. Done!
Drakes, WW Chan, G&G!
double post
We actually have a limited run of red trenches & yellow macs in our stock-room. For the overall look/aesthetic:
Drakes/Chan/Drakes Back of a Chan vs Ringjacket's Sales Mgr!
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