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Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar I used to own a Custom 22, 24, and my father currently has a McCarty. Gorgeous guitars, really, but I wont be buying one again. The quality has dipped quite a bit from the "old days", at least in their expensive models. I'd get an SE, probably comprable handwork but much cheaper. And I have personally gone away from the thick poly paints that feel like plastic in the hands in exchange for the nitro based paints...
I have a few cheap guitars purchased in my high-school and college days. Never could justify any big purchases as I don't really play that much anymore. Lemme post some pix when I get home tonight. 1) Ovation semi-acoustic first guitar (has dave matthews autograph & peace sign scribbled on the neck) 2) Epiphone cheapo Les Paul copy (200 USD. horrible guitar, but my first electric so it got the most use) 3) ESP LTD cheapo guitar 4) Baby Martin
Nobody like Paul Reed Smith? Thinking of picking their budget SE models up during the spring clearance sales in HKG. ( yes i know they arent comparable, but played a few and they are great fun still)
This demands a new poll. How far do you think the pound will slide vs the dollar?
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 Donegal tweed Dang!! how long did it take you to lace up!
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 Just be glad its the pants that ripped and not your nut sack. Your Chan probably saved your life, and in a way, the lives of many. Who knew... lol~ Quote: Originally Posted by walneal pics or it did not happen of the Benz, the pants or the nut sack?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Need more info, but ... If I understanding you correctly, those are both "village" or area wines, not single Chateau. 2000 is a great year and Pauillac is arguably the premier commune in Bordeaux. Hence not surprising that you had good wine. Fronsac is one of the lesser communes, and one that only recently started to improve its wines. 1994 was a weak year with early maturing wines. Hence not surprising that a...
I was using my sisters iphone 3GS and was amazed at how much MORE intuitive the keyboard was. Not by a bit, but it really enabled my texting/emails etc. to reach pretty much blackberry typing speeds.
just checked - 63.
Emanuelle seem to have made out w/ the curves while Nina has the height & youth. I would suggest a hands on approach to really decide, if anyone could put me in touch w/ the both of them.
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