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By the way, thanks all of you for chipping in on the sizing of Carminas!
We did have a batch of Carminas come back recently for the Double Monks, and the Semi-brogues. Shoot us an email if you're looking! Concerning the Jodhpurs, we actually had one sample in a stunning blue leather once which got snapped up!
Thanks for the tip! did a bit of research on the net and it seems that what the PRS SE One Korina's have a: "full sized Alpha 500k audio pot w/ a ceramic capacitor of a 180 pf "brightness cap". Enjoying the guitar a lot!
Nice!! I was seriously debating whether to get this instead but I didn't want to take up even MORE space... and all I really really needed was a combo.The Les Paul Jr. was on my wish list for most of high school and college. Saw this PRS and the reviews on it and didn't have to think anymore!!Also, that AC4TV is damned loud for Hong Kong flats even at 1/4 watt!!!
I haven't played a guitar in a while, but here's two toys I got myself for December! Have a danelectro fabtone pedal knocking around somewhere too!
Haven't posted here in a while...but here's something interesting - Joyce, our Hong Kong fashion retailer was having this popular style vote competition and I thought it would be a hoot if classic menswear got voted in . Here's my photo in my blue vintage English cloth (w/ oddly no selvedge to identify). Wool knit tie. - I'm #85
don't go there
Your trousers will naturally gravitate to your natural waist if you are using sidetabs/belts. If you want to change the look and rise of your trouser waist, braces are needed to keep them there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Instead of both...I would suggest you consider the Old English II...on the U last...but add a medallion. You can also remove the V tip apron design +1!
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel my wife says I don't need this, but I do sure want it [[SPOILER]] oOoOo who is this, I need to find out so I can ask my wife too.
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