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Just wanted to update everyone; I want into ps today. I didn't like the shoe. It wasn't the shape of the toe, it was the cap. It's a lot more prominent in person that in the picture and it kind of turned me off. I did however fall in love with these: I am probably going to pick them up tomorrow. What do you think?
I've looked up a few places downtown that were over $7,000/month for 80 sqf on a non prime block.
I lol'ed
Yes, or... Kenneth Cole went back in time and corrupted society!! That evil bastard! Next we'll Start to see vintage photos of Frank Santra and Cary Grant wearing illl fitting black suits with no ties and pit stains!! Thom Browne and Tom ford will never be born!!!! Damn you Kenneth Cole!!! Damn you!!!!
You are taking this thread waaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously my friend. Thanks for pointing out my horrible spelling, though.
He's always getting screwed.
Fair trade.
But what about the inner beauty??
I'd recommend my line of neckwear but we're all sold out until the fall collection arrives this september. Our stock goes pretty quickly.
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