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This literally had me rolling on the floor.
I haven't had to deal with this in years. The last time I was asked to do this was at my best friends hose when I was a kid. His parents didn't allow shoes in the house. Nowadays I would rather not take my shoes off, but there's really nothing you can do about it in certain situations. Especially when your in someone else's home. The best you can do is tell them that your feet smell like a dirty bag of vomit and hobo funk.
Wow, I love that pocket square.
Yeah, go with the glen plaid.
I do actually
double post
Woven if I had to choose, but I love a good print.
It's not, that is why a bunch of them go out of business.
Are these still around?
I saw your blog PG, those double monks you have are flawless. It's making me give a second thought to the PS monks. I actually didnt even try them on, I'll probably go there today and give it a second shot.
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