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You'd be crazy to pay anything over $200 for a Thomas Pink suit. For that price you may want to check out Brooks brothers 1818 line. When you catch one of their sales you can get 2 for $1,000.
As long as weather will allow. Honestly I had my fill of the summer. I can't wait to start wearing my jackets, gloves, and scarves.
that's a tough one. You don't see that style too often. Probably because most guys can't pull it off.
Are you talking about the kid or Bloomberg?
Yeah, I was going to let it slide until I realized it was on the right side.
"Excuse me sir, may I touch your penis?" If your an SF member just point at them smile and say "aaaaaahhhhhh, you!!!"
No pocket square = FAIL* *I felt like a real douchbag typing that BTW
They look like orthopedic shoes.
The kid is a sartorial genius, I bet that hoodie is bespoke.
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