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OK, I am starting the trunk show now! First come first serve, so get em while they're hot. I have edited the first posted accordingly, please contact me if you have any questions.
I just received the ties today. I am inspecting them tonight and having the photoshoot tomorrow. We are on track for Wednesday.
If they're that clueless then it doesn't matter anyway what you tell them. They're a lost cause.
Actually it's just one that is skinny. I designed this silk that was perfect for it. It's a beautiful wool silk blend.
We are only replenishing one style right now. Everything else will be new. More prints, wovens and a few skinny ties.
For that price range, I'd go with TMLewin. I'm a big fan of their slim fit.
This will be in our next collection.
My new black Kenneth cole suit has pee stains on it, what do I do?
I actually like that coat, I don't mind the zippers. It has a really nice cut.
Hell they're barely worth the money on Discount IMO.
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