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I am glad you guys agree. That way if anybody says anything I can go "It's SF approved, bitch!" Nothing else matters.
You don't need a reason to wear anything, as long as it looks good on you, imo.
How do double monk straps look with a suit? I am thinking about pulling the trigger on these from Paul Stuart: Please note: I am going to buy them and wear them with suits anyway
True dat.
+1, they make a mean tie.
Very few can pull it off. Maybe an older established gentlemen and with a tweed jacket and bowtie. Or maybe if your this guy:
+1 for Beckenstein. They are a little pricey but that have a great selection. They also have a great selection of tie silk. Ive never been to tip top I have to check it out
Oh man that is a beautiful coat, me want. The cut, the color, it's awesome.
I had a tiger suit that I got on a discount a while back. It didnt hold up well at all. Very cheaply made imo.
It would help if you wore the whole suit, seeing the shirt untucked throws it off.
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