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It's true, unfortunately nowadays some of HF offerings are indeed fused.
I'm surprised the SF vets aren't tearing this thread apart yet.
Plus wear an undershirt.
Yeah, thats sucks. My first rule when dealing with stores is NEVER trust the sales people. They don't know anything.
Like others have said, everything look too big. It looks like your wearing your dad's clothes. I don't really think there's anything you can do about it. Maybe put it up on B&S and use the money to get something smaller.
I found using the steam from a good iron at close range (almost touching) and then slightly tugging the tie at both ends usually does the trick. What kind of tie is it? I found that even though this method works great on higher quality ties, it can sometimes put a strain on low end ties and make them look like bacon.
Ugh that should be a crime. That is one of the many reasons I believe that Marshalls is the worst place on the planet. I swear I would love to witness a marshalls job interview."So, do you have a pulse?""Yes""Your hired!"But hey, you get what you pay for.
Ugh, I wouldn't go if I had to wear that get up.
Thanks!And there it is, very nice. They even look like the PS's I'm going to buy.Exactly. I am 6'4", so the longer the toe the better for me actually.
I will check out the toe in person, but I like the pointed toe look. It fits me.
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